Over 500,000 sq ft of State of Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Space!

The Old Sycamore Industrial Park

While at one time, this was a thriving manufacturing facility, over the years as manufacturing moved out of the park and more space became vacant, the facility was in need of restoration. But in June of 2021, a group of businessmen from this community decided they were going to save the historic Park. In just a few months, they have repaved the enormous parking lot, sandblasted the interiors of several buildings to restore the historic old brick, replaced several roofs, installed new HVAC systems, and painted, amongst countless other things. While there is an endless list of renovations on the list, this 700,000 sq. ft. space is coming back to life.

Big Changes Are Coming…

The park was founded in 1890 and the success of Sycamore is in great part due to this park. Over the years it has been home to some of the largest employers and revenue producers in the area. This park has created jobs, taxes, and affordable manufacturing space just a few blocks from downtown.

While the park will continue to be an industrial hub, we are currently working on plans to open a whiskey distillery, tasting room, a supper club, a 500 person event space, and more.

Keep an eye out on the North California and North Avenue side of the park to watch our progress.

We look forward to reintroducing the community to BCM Industrial Park!

BCM Industrial Park is centrally located one hour west of Chicago, IL. The Park’s premier location allows for congestion-free travel and a lower cost of doing business.

BCM is located at 421 North California Street in Sycamore, IL 60178.

If you’re looking for a prime location with endless possibilities, contact BCM Properties!