History of the Park


Lack of space and high cost of living drove Chicago Insulated Wire from Chicago to Sycamore to make their weatherproof wire. They built a factory and opened up shop with just 30 people in 1890!


A fire destroyed the original plant and Chicago Insulated Wire had to rebuild.


Chicago Insulated Wire merged with Illinois Wire Company and a year later they became Anaconda Wire and Cable Company.

World War II

During World War II, field wire for the US Army Signal Corp was produced by Anaconda Wire and Cable right here in Sycamore, IL.


In 1951 through 1953, the park went through a massive expansion.


Another 100,000 square foot addition was added, making it over 500,000 square feet. The space became one of the largest and most modern plants in the wire and cable industry.


Anaconda Wire and Cable Company merged with Atlantic Richfield Company.


Ericsson took over the plant and it became know as Anaconda-Ericsson Inc. and eventually closed it in 1983.


The facilities were sold in 1985 to Robert Boey and his partner. It was turned into an industrial park and started American Bare Conductor. They remained in the building until June 2021, when it was sold to BCM Industrial Park.